Wellness Gardener

Hi my name is Wendy Farrell I live on the sunny Gold Coast in Queensland Australia.

My own wellness journey started over 30 years ago as I struggled with various issues. Through the journey of dealing with long term health challenges, I was blessed with many miracles along the way but the road wasn’t all roses and sunshine. I realised others walking the same road were feeling the same way. The feelings of hopelessness, frustration, powerless, uninspired, isolated, can leave you in a dark place. You feel like you’re stuck in a storm in constant darkness, you’re unworthy of love, joy or peace. You get caught up in a spiral of negative self loathing and self pity.

As I prayed and searched for answers God showed me that all healing comes from Him but it doesn’t always come in the form of an instant miracle. To grow us and our character He brings different resources and tools. I discovered and studied different modalities and tools which have not only brought wellness to me and my family, it birthed in me a desire to help others.

I realised this desire was placed inside of me by my Creator – when I talked to Him about it He said He had been waiting for me to say “Yes” to my purpose and calling!

He calls me His Wellness Gardener!!

It might help to think of it in terms of the parable from the Bible of “The Sower”.

You are created to be “Good Soil” that produces a good harvest.

Good Soil

Unfortunately life happens...



The little niggling things that happen turn our soil to gravel so any good seed growing in that soil, when life gets tough, the seedling withers away.



Your soil gets overgrown with weeds or thorns, or you might produce a big tree with deep roots, but have parasite plants growing and chocking the tree.


rocky soil

Life has been very rough resulting in your soil becoming rocky or you might have built a rock wall around your heart to protect you.

I work with Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit, combined with the tools I have studied, I use muscle testing (via proxy), to connect with your subconscious, to pull out the weeds, till the soil, remove the rocks and plant in good seed so you can do what you’re meant to do which is grow and multiply.

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Wendy Farrell

  • Certified Emotion Code® Practitioner
  • Certified Body Code® Practitioner
  • Certified Belief Code® Practitioner
  • Healing In The Kingdom Certified Ambassador
  • 100X Academy Certified
  • Trained Sozo facilitator
  • 101 Brain Gym®101
  • B.A. (Psychology)
Emotion Code
Body Code Practitioner
certified belief code